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Founded in 1986, Kantech (part of Tyco Security Products) designs, markets and supports integrated access control technologies that are ready to use right out of the box. Kantech's solutions provide a compact, entry-level solution for smaller businesses while the EntraPass access control software combines with the powerful KT-300 or KT-400 door controllers to provide enhanced capabilities for enterprise scale applications. For additional convenience and security, Kantech solutions can easily link to American Dynamics Intellex digital video management systems to provide an integrated access control and video solution. Kantech also offers out-of-the box integration with intrusion detection and telephone entry systems. All managed from a unified software package.

Kantech Readers, Keypads & Cards

Proximity readers continuously transmit a low-level fixed radio frequency (RF) signal that provides energy to the card. When the card is held at a certain distance from the reader, the RF signal is absorbed by a small coil inside the card that powers up the card’s microchip which contains a unique identification code. Once powered, the card transmits the code to the reader. The whole process is completed in microseconds. The big advantage of proximity over other technologies lies in its simplicity. There are no moving parts, no mechanical wear, no slots, and no read heads to maintain.

The reader can be concealed inside walls or special enclosures and poses even fewer problems when surface-mounted because it has no opening with which to jam or tamper. The proximity card is extremely secure and practically impossible to duplicate. Proximity cards are less prone to physical damage or loss, saving you money in reduced card replacement costs. Read ranges depend primarily on the reader. The larger the read range, the larger the reader’s concealed antenna and, hence, the size of the reader. A reader’s read range is always specified using standard cards. If the card’s coil is smaller, as in thin photo ID cards, keytag or keytag type cards, it may reduce the read range by up to 40%. There is a great variety of proximity readers designed for different environments including vandal resistant mullion mounts, smaller decor styles, and integrated keypad/reader units.

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ioProx Proximity Cards and Tags Datasheet
ioProx - Proximity Readers and Cards Datasheet

ioSmart Smart Cards and Multi-Technology Readers provide a cost-effective migration from older proximity cards to advanced smart card technology. This family provides enhanced security through end-to-end AES-128 encryption over RS-485 when used with Kantech’s KT-1 or newer KT-400 door controllers while it can be also used with any other access controller using Wiegand protocol. The readers are available in single-gang or mullion models with integrated backlit, capacitive touch keypad support for dual factor authentication and include an intuitive LED status bar that clearly indicates various access conditions to the user. These readers can be installed in a variety of indoor or outdoor applications.

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ioSmart - Smart Cards and Tags Datasheet
ioSmart Smart Card and Multi-Technology Readers Datasheet

The demand for wireless technology has been on the rise as people endeavor to expand their access control system with additional doors economically. The wireless technology allows facility managers to migrate from standalone key systems or brass keys to bring more doors into the fold of electronic access control. Doing so gives them the advantage of managing more locks and doors from a central security management system. Kantech offers a wireless solution with the introduction of the ASSA ABLOY Aperio wireless lock integration that pair perfectly into new and existing EntraPass security software installations for a flexible, cost-effective wireless alternative to traditional locks.

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ASSA ABLOY Aperio Wireless Lock Technology Integration with EntraPass Datasheet
ioProx Receiver and Wireless Transmitters Datasheet
WLS-5500 Receiver and Transmitters Datasheet

Kantech Multi-Technology Readers provide a multi-protocol, multi-frequency solution that reads multiple 13.56 MHz smart card technologies, MIFARE® encrypted sectors, and most of the common 125 kHz proximity cards including ioProx with Kantech XSF format - all from one reader. The readers are perfect if you want to transition to smart cards over time or if you want to utilize both smart cards and proximity cards at your facility. Kantech Multi-Technology Readers make access control more powerful, more versatile, and more cost-effective by allowing you to implement a smart card solution over time. While you are transitioning to smart cards, the Multi-Technology Readers will read both the existing collection of proximity cards and smart cards.

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Kantech Multi-Technology Readers Datasheet

Kantech has partnered with industry leaders to provide a high-security personnel identification system using biometrics to establish an imposter-free identity database and to verify the identity of authorized persons. Access control biometrics includes everything that requires identity authentication by scanning a person's unique physical characteristics such as fingerprints and hand geometry. Biometrics offers a superior combination of strength, affordability, convenience and ease of use. It is used where high security is a necessity such as hospitals, police, the military as well as the financial industry.

In addition to biometric identification, these solutions also offer a verification process using a card credential. These biometric solutions are available with an integrated card reader or can be connected to an external reader. Both the fingerprint reader and the hand scanner can be integrated into Kantech’s access control system.

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Biometric Recognition N/A

The Polaris-2 series provides the right combination of quality and reliability. A card can be swiped through the reader in both directions and the reader’s microprocessor automatically detects and rejects read errors. The reader has four different configurable output modes (26-bit Wiegand, 34-bit Wiegand, ABA-Clock & Data and ABA-Wiegand), so that readers can be installed on existing systems. The different output modes are obtained by connecting the proper wires during installation, to program the reader. The mode can be changed by simply powering the reader down and rewiring it for the new mode. The “*” push-button on the keypad of the POL-2KP is a dry contact with a 50 mA power rating. It can be connected to an alarm panel or to an intercom’s door call input, for example.

Product Name Download Link
POL-2/POL-2KP Polaris Magnetic Card Readers Datasheet

The BC-301 Bar Code Reader uses inexpensive bar code cards and reads most common code formats , including Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC/EAN and Codabar. The readers are fully weatherproof and its tough shell is made of carbon-filled polycarbonate for extra durability. The bar code reader connects to the access control system via a simple Weigand interface.

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Bar Code Reader and Cards N/A

These keypads are constructed of stainless steel and feature a one-piece rugged, compact and vandal resistant design. The keypad contains no moving parts and uses a proprietary piezo electric technology ensuring that the 12 digit keypad will perform reliably in even the most demanding environments. For maximum flexibility two LEDs (red and green) are user programmable and an annunciator beeps with each key press.

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Keypads N/A

Kantech Hardware

In busy environments like casinos, Kantech door controllers help to prevent the public from wandering into restricted areas where they don’t belong. You can make security and building operations even more effective by integrating our door controllers with alarm panels, HVAC systems, and CCTV systems, such as those from American Dynamics. The Kantech door controller range offers support for single door installations (using the KT-1 one door controller), as well as medium to large sized installations.

Product Name Download Link
KT-NCC Network Communication Controller Datasheet
KT-1 One Door Controller Datasheet
KT-400 Ethernet-Ready Four-Door Controller Datasheet
KT-300 Door Controller Datasheet
KT3-LCD Keypad Module Datasheet
KT-100 Mini Door Controller Datasheet
ioPass Stand-Alone Door Controller Datasheet
ioPass Stand-Alone Door Controller (UK) Datasheet
KT-100 Mini Door Controller (EU) Datasheet
KT-200 Door Controller Datasheet

Choosing an access control system doesn’t have to require hours spent sorting through hundreds of software, hardware, and reader offerings. Kantech’s Access Control Kits include all of the components you need to get up and running quickly and easily.

Product Name Download Link
KT-1 Access Control Starter & Expansion Kits Datasheet
Multi-Door Controller Kits Datasheet
Access Control Starter and Expansion Kits Datasheet

The Kantech Telephone Entry System (KTES) is an ideal entry system for small, medium, and large sites with an existing access control system, or applications that require telephone entry access only. The system provides visitor access control to apartment buildings, gated communities, condominiums, office buildings, and industrial sites. A tenant communicates directly with a visitor using the KTES and can grant or deny admittance directly from a telephone land line or cellular phone with the touch of a button. The KTES is simple and easy to install, can co-exist with Kantech controllers and can be remotely managed using EntraPass software. A simplified version of the EntraPass software is included with the KTES for fast configuration & firmware upgrades, live transaction monitoring & system backup.

Product Name Download Link
Kantech Telephone Entry System Datasheet

Kantech offers network communication devices including IP Link modules, converters, and modems - everything you need to secure entry and exit at your facilities.

Product Name Download Link
Kantech IP Link Datasheet
RS-485 Protocol Converters Datasheet

With T. Rex request to exit detector and PB-EXIT control button, Kantech creates a new standard and provides a complete solution to exit detection and door surveillance for access control applications.

Product Name Download Link
T.Rex - Request to Exit Detector Datasheet

These commercial and industrial rated door strikes can withstand the traffic involved with access control applications. And the solid construction electromagnetic locks will provide years of maintenance-free operation.

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Locks N/A

Kantech INTEVO

INTEVO integrates access control, IP video and intrusion into one common and powerful platform to deliver a holistic security solution. It's pre-loaded with Kantech's EntraPass Corporate Edition security management software plus exacqVision video management software; and includes support for DSC PowerSeries intrusion alarm panel integration. It is pre-configured to support EntraPass go mobile app and EntraPass web remote user platform. INTEVO is easy to configure and includes a customized dashboard for easy system management.

Product Name Download Link
INTEVO LTE Integrated Security Platform Gen 2 Datasheet
INTEVO Advanced Integrated Security Platform Gen 2 Datasheet
INTEVO Compact Integrated Security Platform Gen 2 Datasheet
INTEVO Advanced Intuitive All-In-One Security Platform Datasheet
INTEVO Compact Intuitive All-In-One Security Platform Datasheet
INTEVO Compact Integrated Security Platform (UK) Datasheet
INTEVO Advanced Integrated Security Platform (UK) Datasheet

Kantech Software

EntraPass is a robust suite of high performance software that allows customers to design & operate any number of doors where card access is required - securely, quickly & efficiently. EntraPass is compatible with Kantech’s entire line of door controllers.

Product Name Download Link
EntraPass Corporate Edition Security Software v8.20 Datasheet
EntraPass Global Edition Security Software v8.20 Datasheet
EntraPass Special Edition Security Software v8.20 Datasheet
EntraPass DSC Intrusion Interface (PowerSeries, PowerSeries NEO & MAXSYS) Datasheet

As EntraPass security software continues to deliver new features and enhancements, it is more important than ever to have the productivity tools and training support to effectively use this solution. Having the latest version of EntraPass provides you with new features such as wireless lock integration, Active Directory (LDAP) integration and other features or integrations that are very useful for managing your system. Kantech also maintains compatibility with the latest Windows Operating System.

New installations of EntraPass software include a license to the current official version of the product and the right to update/upgrade the software for 12 months. The Kantech Advantage Program (KAP) - available from authorized Kantech dealers - provides an additional 12 months of updates and upgrades.

Product Name Download Link
Kantech Advantage Program (KAP) Datasheet

EntraPass supports a wide range of advanced solutions that include access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and security management. EntraPass advanced software options help security administrators keep pace with changing security needs.

Product Name Download Link
EntraPass Microsoft® Active Directory Integration Synchronization (LDAP) Datasheet
Video Vault Datasheet

Kantech Security Services

hattrix is Kantech's powerful hosted and managed access control solution that comes with a lower cost-of-entry and lower cost-of-ownership. hattrix ensures end user’s specific needs are met by offering a hosted or fully managed access control solution enabling business agility, greater efficiency and higher productivity. The innovation, flexibility, and scalability delivered by hattrix plays a vital role in business continuity and operational sustainability. hattrix offers impactful advantages for Managed Service Dealers (MSD), Managed Service Providers (MSP) and End Users alike.

Product Name Download
EntraPass v8.20 Hattrix Administration Guide Manual
EntraPass v8.10 Hattrix User Manual Manual
EntraPass v8.00 Hattrix User Manual Manual
EntraPass v7.60 Hattrix User Manual Manual
EntraPass v7.50 Hattrix User Manual Manual

Kantech Web Delivered / Mobile App

EntraPass go allows you to remotely control your security system from anywhere without being tied to a workstation. EntraPass go puts you in control of your security. It enables you to interact with EntraPass security management software using only a few taps on your mobile device. The easy-to-use mobile app offers anytime, anywhere real-time management of over 20 access control, video and intrusion tasks. Manage/create cards, lock/unlock doors, view live video, arm/disarm intrusion partitions, request reports and more. EntraPass go is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Product Name Download
Kantech Plus Program Datasheet
EntraPass Go Mobile App Datasheet

A leap forward in convenience, EntraPass go Pass turns a mobile device into an access control credential. EntraPass go Pass allows users with appropriate credentials to quickly and conveniently access secured areas with a few taps of a mobile device including an Apple Watch. You can save doors that you access frequently into a Favorite list for quick and easy access. Once the app connects to the Kantech EntraPass server, it presents you with a list of doors that you are authorized to enter…just as if you had an access card. Using EntraPass go Pass on an Apple Watch makes credential use even easier. Instead of searching through a bag or pocket for a smart phone, you can push a button on your watch when you enter or exit a restricted area. EntraPass go Pass is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Product Name Download
EntraPass Go Pass Mobile App Datasheet

The first of its kind, EntraPass go Install mobile app provides easy configuration of KT-1 and KT-400 controllers by scanning a QR code. The scan auto-fills the controller's MAC address and serial number, eliminating the need to manually enter the information thereby avoiding potential errors. Select from a list of existing sites/connections or create a new one to assign to the controller.

Configuring doors to the controller using this app is a breeze. The app's setup includes pre-populated fields, which you can easily modify and label (e.g. Front Lobby Door, Warehouse Exit Door, etc.) to configure the doors. The app provides a wizard driven commissioning process that helps ensure that no device has been left un-commissioned. It also allows you to store pictures and notes which will help with subsequent visits.

Product Name Download
EntraPass Go Install Mobile App Datasheet

The EntraPass web† platform enhances the user experience by delivering remote and convenient real-time access to manage common security tasks and reports from any computer connected to the internet. Security managers on the go can perform a host of functions via EntraPass web, including locking/unlocking doors, managing cards and schedules, requesting reports, viewing live video, monitoring events by floor plan and so much more. Simply download the EntraPass web application from any Windows PC web browser or App Store (macOS) and stay connected even when on the go!.

Product Name Download
EntraPass web v8.20 User Manual Datasheet
EntraPass web v8.10 User Manual Datasheet
EntraPass web v8.00 User Manual Datasheet
EntraPass web v7.50 User Manual Datasheet

The EntraPass Security Software integration with HID Mobile Access gives you the convenience to store secure credentials on your smart device to access doors and enter buildings. EntraPass' integration greatly improves user convenience as users have the option to use their smartphone instead of a traditional access card. With the innovative, HID Global gesture-based technology, a natural twist gesture or bringing the device into range of the reader allows users to gain quick and efficient access to any door with an associated HID BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) door reader.

Product Name Download
EntraPass Integration with HID Mobile Access® Credentials Datasheet

Kantech Accessories

The Kantech Input, Output, and Relay family of modules (INP16, OUT16, REL8, IO16) provide a flexible, cost-effective means to expand the Input/ Output functionality of the KT-1 and KT-400 door controllers.

The INP16 input module provides 16 supervised inputs with a maximum of 256 inputs per door controller; while the OUT16 output module provides 16 open collector outputs that can also be used as an Elevator Control Interface (ECI) with up to 16 relays (up to 64 floors for elevator control). For additional relays the REL8 increases flexibility by giving you the option to add 8 relays to the KT-400 door controller and can also be used as an ECI with a maximum 256 relays per controller (up to 64 floors for elevator control).

The RS-485 Input/Output Module (IO16) is easy to install and configure, featuring 16 terminals (configurable in lots of 4). This single unit enhances the functionality of the door controller by expanding its capacity and, eliminating the need to have additional lines of input/ output modules linked to a system. Common applications include: alarm monitoring and elevator control.

Product Name Download
Kantech RS-485 Input/Output Module Datasheet

By integrating all security assets such as intrusion detection, access control, video and telephone entry into one common platform, users can interface with just one system, for greater simplicity and optimum control. The integration kits connect a DSC intrusion alarm panel to a Kantech access control system to create a single unified solution. Integration with DSC PowerSeries or MAXSYS intrusion alarm panels allows the access control system to receive intrusion events, view zone status and to manage partitions/user codes.

Product Name Download
KT-400 and the MAXSYS KT4401VK Upgrade Kit Datasheet
KT-400 and the MAXSYS KT4401VK assembly Datasheet

The table (under the Documents tab below) lists a wide range of cables for security and access control applications, including security control panels, junction boxes, door control, lock power systems, REX and card reader systems. These cables provide fast, easy security installations.

Product Name Download
Access Control Cables N/A

Our badge printers produce colorful, durable photo cards. These printers are simple to use and virtually maintenance free. We have bundled the printers together with a High Definition portable webcam, ribbon cartridge and cleaning supplies to form a complete badging kit and to keep your printer running like new. Refer to the data sheet to find the features and solutions that are right for your application. Or mix and match printers/accessories to create a custom kit!.

Product Name Download
Card Printing Solutions Datasheet