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About Us

Welcome to Sinco Indonesia

PT. SINCO AUTOMASI INDONESIA as know as SINCO INDONESIA is a comprehensive marine engineering solutions provider to the marine and onshore/ offshore Oil & Gas industry in Indonesia.

Emphasising on human capital, Sinco Indonesia maintains a team of elite workforce to carry out servicing, troubleshooting, calibration, fabrication, product supply/ spare parts supply, installation, engineering design and commissioning for instrumentation, automation, hydraulic, valve overhauling and E&I module integration for most marine systems, including maintenance, repair and on-site overhauling for electronic, engine, turbine, main & aux. boiler, rewinding, mechanical, electrical.

Our team of highly qualified specialist service engineers and skilled technicians, is rigorously trained and continuously upgraded with the ultimate aim of providing value-added solutions to meet the demanding needs of the marine shipping and onshore/ offshore oil & gas industries. Commissioned a comprehensive workshop facilities in Jakarta, Singapore, Pasir Gudang-Johor Bahru, Malaysia and Taiwan for testing, calibration and repair of electrical, electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic systems and instruments.-

Our Business and Strategy

“To be a preferred total marine engineering service provider recognized for value-added solutions on a win-win basis.”

“We strive to deliver a one-stop service centre concept with reliable and high quality products and services, by harnessing continuous human capital development and technology advancement.”

Forming the backbone of the Sinco group is a team of elite professional veteran ship repairers with a wide spectrum of talents in project management and execution, sound knowledge of ship repair technology, and deep understanding of marine automation systems.

• Calibration and Certification of Equipments & Instruments
• Tank Gauging & Monitoring System – Tank Level, Pressure & Temperature
• Fire Detection System
• Gas Detection System
• Alarm Monitoring Systems
• Fire Fighting System
• Discharge Monitoring – OWS 15PPM Alarm, ODME, Oil In Water
• Hydraulic Valve Remote Control System – VRC
• Crane & Deck Machineries Hydraulic Control Systems
• Boiler Control System / Inert Gas System – IGS & IGG
• Internal Communication System & Surveillance Systems
• Safety & Environmental Monitoring – CEMS & Oil Mist Detection
• Conversion to LED Lightings
• General Ship Services – Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Repair

Our Expertise