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CHEMGUARD products serve the fire suppression and specialty chemicals fields worldwide with unmatched customer support, high-quality and field-tested products, and the ability to meet customer requirements through product customization. Chemguard lead through advanced research, exacting engineering and design, proven manufacturing excellence, and prompt service and delivery.

The Chemguard Specialty Chemicals division produces a broad selection of fluorosurfactant for wetting/leveling applications. Chemguard advanced chemistry, extensive industry knowledge, and prompt delivery enable us to effectively and efficiently meet customers’ requirements for a broad range of applications.

Chemguard Foam Concentrates

The CHEMGUARD concentrate portfolio provides foam solutions for a wide range of firefighting challenges, including industrial, marine, mining, municipal, oil, petrochemical, aviation, and transportation. CHEMGUARD concentrates are approved, listed, qualified under, or meet the requirements of a multitude of industry specifications and standards, including : ● UL 162 ● FM Approvals - FM 5130 ● EN1568-2008 ● UL 139 ● MIL-F-24385F ● ICAO ● ULC S564 ● USDA/USFS Spec 307a ● IMO1312, MED B/D ● ULC S560 ● USCG

CHEMGUARD Alcohol Resistant Aqueous Film-Forming Foam Concentrates (AR-AFFF) combine fluoro- and hydrocarbon-surfactant technologies to provide superior fire and vapor suppression for Class B, polar solvent and hydrocarbon fuel fires. The concentrates also have excellent wetting properties that can effectively combat Class A fires and may be used in conjunction with dry chemical agents to provide even greater fire suppression performance.

Product Name P/N Typical Application
3% x 3% AR-AFFF C335 C6 Formulation
3% x 3% AR-AFFF, Low Viscosity C334-LV C6 Formulation
3% x 6% AR-AFFF C364 C6 Formulation
1% x 3% AR-AFFF C137 Isobutylene
1% x 3% AR-AFFF, Low Temperature C137-LT18 C6 Formulation - Spill Fires, Tanks Farms/ Refineries, Municipal Applications
3% x 3% AR-AFFF, Low Temperature C337-LT13 .

CHEMGUARD Aqueous Film-Forming Foam Concentrates (AFFF) combine fluoro- and hydrocarbon-surfactant technologies to provide superior fire and vapor suppression for Class B, hydrocarbon fuel fires. These concentrates also have excellent wetting properties that can effectively combat Class A fires and may be used in conjunction with dry chemical agents to provide even greater fire suppression performance.

Product Name P/N Typical Application
1% AFFF C1B C6 Formulation
1% AFFF, Low Temperature C1B-LT29 .
3% Military Spec AFFF C306-MS Municipal Application, Foam Systems, Airports, Military Facilities, C6 Formulation
6% Military Spec AFFF C606-MS Municipal Application, Foam Systems, Airports, Military Facilities, C6 Formulation
3% AFFF C3B C6 Formulation
3% AFFF, Low Temperature C3B-LT29 C6 Formulation
6% AFFF C6B C6 Formulation
3% AFFF, ICAO C C3IC1 C6 Formulation - ICAO C
3% AFFF, ICAO B C3IB2 C6 Formulation - ICAO B
6% AFFF, ICAO C C6IC1 C6 Formulation - ICAO C
6% AFFF, ICAO B C6IB2 C6 Formulation - ICAO B

CHEMGUARD High-Expansion Foam Concentrates are flexible firefighting agents used in fighting Class A, Class B, and LNG fires both indoors and outdoors. Typically proportioned at 2%, CHEMGUARD high-expansion foam concentrates are generally used in contained areas, such as aircraft hangars, mines, and shipboard compartments, where volume fire control is required. CHEMGUARD high-expansion foam concentrates are suitable for use with low-, medium-, and high-expansion foam generating equipment.

Product ID Typical Application
C2 Spill Fires, Total Flooding, Warehouse, Aircraft Hangars - UL Listed
C2S Ship Engine Rooms
CX Spill Fires, Total Flooding, Warehouse, Aircraft Hangars

CHEMGUARD Class A foam concentrates combine foaming and wetting agents for use in a variety of firefighting applications. When proportioned with water, Class A concentrates reduce the solution surface tension and allow greater penetration of the foam into most Class A fuels. CHEMGUARD Class A foams cling to surfaces such as charred wood with minimal run off, enhancing fire suppression and reducing water usage. CHEMGUARD Class A concentrates are effective in fighting many deep-seated Class A fires, such as paper, tires, wooden residences and structures, and wildland. They are suitable for ground and air attack, creating firebreaks, use with compressed-air foam systems (CAFS), and mop-up operations.

Product Name Product ID Typical Application
CHEMATTACK --- Municipal Application, C.A.F.S.
CLASS A PLUS --- Municipal Application, C.A.F.S.
DIRECTATTACK --- Municipal Application, C.A.F.S.
EXTREME FX Municipal Application, C.A.F.S.

CHEMGUARD fluoroprotein foam concentrates combine fluorinated surfactants in a rigorously formulated hydrolyzed protein foam base to produce superior fire and vapor suppression for Class B hydrocarbon fuel fires. Aspirated CHEMGUARD Fluoroprotein foam offers a robust, stable foam blanket which enhances burnback resistance and knockdown.

Product Name P/N Typical Application
3% x 3% Fluoroprotein AR-AFFF, Freeze-Protected CFPAR331-LT15 .
3% Fluoroprotein AFFF CFP3B C6 Formulation
6% Fluoroprotein AFFF CFP6B C6 Formulation

CHEMGUARD training foam concentrates are intended to simulate AFFF (Aqueous Film-Forming Foam) concentrates for training (non-firefighting) purposes. These concentrates may be correctly proportioned over a range of dilutions (typically 1%) with most conventional, properly calibrated, proportioning equipment and may be applied in conjunction with siliconized dry chemical agents in training exercises.

Product Name P/N Typical Application
CTF1 Training Foam CTF1 Training Only

Specific, periodic sample testing is required for many applications to assess fire-suppression foams ongoing performance. Accordingly, accurate foam sample testing using controlled laboratory standards and data processing is an integral part of our CHEMGUARD customer support. As a convenient alternative to CHEMGUARD foam sample testing, order the Precision Foam Solution Test Kit (Part #704038) for performing field proportioning testing.

Chemguard Dry Chemical Agents

CHEMGUARD full line of CHEMGUARD Class A, Class B, and Class C dry chemical delivers excellent, consistent fire suppression performance. CHEMGUARD Purple-K firefighting dry chemical is compatible with most foam concentrates for twin-agent application. CHEMGUARD dry chemicals are intended for use in the hardware in which it has been designed and tested, from small extinguishers to large mobile units and fixed installations.

Different types of CHEMGUARD dry chemicals suppress different types of fires. The different type of fire classifications per NFPA standards are :

Class A - Fires in ordinary combustible materials such as wood, cloth, paper, rubber and many plastics.

Class B - Fires in flammable liquids, oils, greases, tars, oil based paints, lacquers, etc., and flammable gases.

Class C - Fires involving “live” electrical equipment where the use of a non-conducting fire agent is required.

Class D - Fires involving combustible metals and their alloys such as magnesium, sodium, potassium, lithium, titanium, etc

Fire tests on flammable liquids have shown potassium bicarbonate based dry chemical to be more effective than sodium bicarbonate based dry chemical. Similarly, the monoammonium phosphate based dry chemical has been found equal to or better than the sodium bicarbonate based chemical.

"Multi-Purpose" (ABC) monoammonium phosphate based dry chemical agent is yellow in color. This agent is suitable for use on Class A, B or C type fires and is particularly effective on combination fires.

"Regular or Standard" (BC) dry chemical refers to an agent that is suitable for use on either Class B or C type fires. These agents are sodium bicarbonate based and blue in color.

Purple K (PK) dry chemical agent is based on potassium bicarbonate. Because of its fast extinguishment properties on flammable liquid fires, it is typically used in high hazard risk areas such as refineries, chemical plants or airports. The color of PK agent is purple.

Product Name Download Link
Purple-K Datasheet Purple-K
ABC Datasheet ABC
BC Datasheet BC

Chemguard Handline Nozzles

CHEMGUARD adjustable, constant-flow (including U.S. Coast Guard approved), and low/medium/high-expansion, handline nozzles provide a wide range of flexible flow-control options. Applicable for use with AR-AFFF, AFFF, and Class A foam concentrates; these handline nozzles achieve excellent foam expansion for quick fire knockdown and suppression. Constructed from brass or anodized black aluminum, CHEMGUARD nozzles offer a full array of discharge patterns.

CHEMGUARD adjustable-flow, automatic-flow, constant-flow, and Coast Guard approved high-expansion foam handline nozzles provide a wide range of flexibility and flow-control options. Ideal for Class A and B fires, utilizing Class A foam concentrates, aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF), and alcohol-resistant aqueous film-forming foam (AR-AFFF), our handline nozzles achieve excellent foam expansion for quick fire knockdown and suppression.

Product Number Download Link
MA10 Datasheet MA10
MA15 Datasheet MA15
MA25 Datasheet MA25
MB15 Datasheet MB15
MRA15 Datasheet MRA15
AA15 Datasheet AA15

CHEMGUARD constant-flow handline nozzles provide a constant fog or straight-stream flow and can be flushed without shutting down. All-brass construction, our constant-flow nozzles include a removable rubber pistol grip; a large rubber bumper; durable chrome-plated ball shutoff; and heavy-duty spinning teeth for a powerful fog pattern. Select models of CHEMGUARD constant-flow handline nozzles are U.S. Coast Guard approved.

Product Number Download Link
SB95 Datasheet SB95
EP11 Datasheet EP11

CHEMGUARD high-expansion nozzles rapidly deploy a foam blanket for fighting spill fires, as well as for vapor mitigation from spilled hydrocarbon and other types of non-polar flammable liquids. Lightweight and designed for one-person operation, these high-expansion nozzles are suitable for industrial and municipal applications.

Product Number Download Link
Mini-X-III Datasheet Mini-X-III
Vari-X-III Datasheet Vari-X-III

Chemguard Monitor Nozzles

Available for use with our full line of monitors, for water and foam solutions, CHEMGUARD nozzles provide flow rates of 100 to 1,250 gallons per minute, with flows up to 5,000 gallons per minute possible on high-volume mobile/trailer units. Manufactured from corrosion-resistant brass or anodized black aluminum, CHEMGUARD nozzles are fully adjustable, from straight stream to full fog. Serrated teeth improve the water fog pattern and aid foaming AFFF solutions. Non-aspirating water fog nozzles are used for aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) applications; aspirating nozzles are used for polar solvent fuels and fluoroprotein foam solutions. CHEMGUARD master-stream monitor nozzles are offered in fixed-gallonage, adjustable-gallonage, automatic, and self-educting versions.

Product Name Download Link
Adjustable Monitor Nozzle Download Datasheet
Automatic Monitor Nozzle Download Datasheet
Constant Flow Monitor Nozzle Download Datasheet
Self-Educting Foam Nozzles Download Datasheet

Chemguard Manual Monitors

CHEMGUARD manual monitors feature rugged, corrosion-resistant construction, grease fittings, and stainless-steel ball bearings. Suitable for water and all types of foam solutions, CHEMGUARD manual monitors have 3 inch or greater waterways and 2 ½ inch or greater outlets.

The brass “Brahma” single-waterway monitor and the “Rattler” handwheel monitor – both of which offer 360-degree rotation – are often used in demanding industrial, marine, and offshore applications. The lightweight aluminum “Jackrabbit” dual-inlet ground monitor – which provides a safety stop 30 degrees above horizontal – generally is used by municipal fire departments and with fire appliances.

Product Name Download Link
JACKRABBIT Dual-Inlet Monitors Download Datasheet
BRAHMA Single-Waterway Monitors Download Datasheet
RATTLER Handwheel Monitors Download Datasheet

Chemguard In-Line Eductors

CHEMGUARD in-line eductors provide an inexpensive and effective method of metering all types of foam concentrate into a water stream. Our brass, corrosion-resistant eductors enable variable metering at 0%, 0.5%, 1.0%, 3.0% and 6.0%. CHEMGUARD in-line eductor system includes the metering valve and an 8-foot pickup-hose assembly.

Product Name Download Link
CES95 In-Line Eductor Download Datasheet
CES60 In-Line Eductor Download Datasheet

Chemguard Precision Foam Test Kit

The CHEMGUARD Precision Foam Solution Test Kit allows fire protection professionals to determine the proportioning accuracy of fixed foam systems, mobile foam systems, and portable foam equipment. A complete testing system, the kit includes all the components needed to test discharged foam solution.

The Chemguard Precision Foam Solution Test Kit is a complete testing system, designed to assist the fire protection professional in determining the proportioning accuracy of mobile foam equipment and apparatus, fixed foam systems, and portable foam equipment. This kit contains everything normally needed, except for the foam to determine if foam solution discharged from a system or apparatus is mixed or proportioned as recommended by the foam concentrate manufacturer. The test kit utilizes conductivity, a measurement of the ability of liquids to conduct electricity, to determine the amount of foam concentrate in foam solutions.

Product Name Download Link
EF10995 Download Datasheet

Chemguard Water-Powered Oscillating Monitors

CHEMGUARD Water-Powered Oscillating Monitors are designed to automatically oscillate over a preset arc upon system activation, allowing discharge over a wide design area without manual intervention or the use of electrical power. These are intended for use in firefighting foam systems according to NFPA 11, NFPA 409, and/or NFPA 418, typically found in high risk areas such as tank farm facilities, refineries, aircraft hangars, and heliports.

A water drive wheel connected to a double reduction gearbox drives the oscillating monitor. To operate the drive wheel, a small quantity of flow is diverted from the monitor inlet. The monitor requires no external wiring or hydraulic control for operation. The vertical angle of elevation and horizontal arc of oscillation is field adjustable and can be set and locked in position. The monitor can be set to oscillate over a range of 0° to 120° and the location of the oscillation arc may be set anywhere within the 360° field of operation. Elevation range of the unit is between 65° and -40°.

Chemguard Mobile Equipment

CHEMGUARD mobile foam equipment – designed and engineered to customers’ specifications – are found in a wide variety of critical applications, from tank farms, mines, marine operations, and airports to municipal fire departments and transportation facilities.

Self-contained CHEMGUARD single-, dual- and triple-tote foam trailers are designed to provide fire suppression and vapor control for demanding applications. The tote trailers may be customized with various options for inlet connections, foam concentrate pumps and piping, proportioning equipment, and self-educting nozzles.

Product Number Download Link
EF11400 Dual Tote Trailer Download Datasheet
EF11350 Single Tote Trailer Download Datasheet
EF11790 Triple Tote Trailer Download Datasheet

The Chemguard Mobile Foam Cart is designed to hold 36 gallons of fire fighting foam concentrate and contains a 95-gpm in-line eductor, a 95-gpm handline nozzle and 50 feet of 1½" rubber lined single jacket fire hose. The ease of handling and mobility of the foam cart makes this a very effective fire-fighting unit for flammable liquid fires. To place the unit in operation, connect a length of 1½" fire hose from a suitable water supply source to the in-line eductor inlet. Note: The in-line eductor design point is 95 gpm at 200 psi. Any reduction in pressure at the in-line eductor inlet will create a corresponding decrease in flow. The tank is manufactured of reinforced fiberglass, which makes the unit suitable for use with all types of foam concentrates and environments.

Product Number Download Link
Mobile Foam Cart Download Datasheet

Chemguard Pump Skids

CHEMGUARD balanced-pressure proportioning pump skids and in-line balanced-pressure (ILBP) proportioning pump skids are designed and manufactured for a wide range of applications. Often used for fire protection in large facilities – such as aircraft hangars and flammable-liquid storage areas – CHEMGUARD pump skids are designed to deliver large quantities of foam concentrate, accurately proportioned into the water stream.

CHEMGUARD UL Listed in-line balanced-pressure proportioning (ILBP) systems meter the correct proportion of foam concentrate into the water stream over a wide range of flows and pressures. Designed for applications requiring large quantities of foam concentrate and/or where the proportioners must be installed great distances from the tank, the flexible CHEMGUARD ILBPs can accommodate an almost infinite number of risers, each with a different size proportioner and each offering a wide range of flow.

Product Number Download Link
Model CILBP Download Datasheet
Model CVILBP Download Datasheet

Chemguard Balanced Pressure Proportioning Pump Skids are designed to accurately proportion the foam concentrate into the water stream. The systems operate over a wide range of flows and pressures and do not require any manual adjustment.

Product Number Download Link
Model TDS Download Datasheet

Chemguard Bladder Tanks

Bladder Tanks are a component of a balanced pressure proportioning system that includes a pressure-rated tank with an internal elastomeric bladder for foam concentrate storage. Upon system actuation, incoming water applies pressure to the concentrate in the bladder, which supplies pressurized concentrate to the proportioning device. The device meters the foam concentrate into the fire water line, creating foam solution. The solution is then piped to the discharge devices protecting the hazard area.

Product Name Download Link
Horizontal Bladder Tanks Download Datasheet
Vertical Bladder Tanks Download Datasheet
Horizontal Pre-Piped Bladder Tanks Download Datasheet
Vertical Pre-Piped Bladder Tanks Download Datasheet
25 & 36 Gallon Bladder Tanks Download Datasheet
25 & 36 Gallon Pre-Piped Bladder Tanks Download Datasheet
36 Gallon Foam Station Download Datasheet

Chemguard Spray Nozzles


Product Name Download Link
CG-2015188 TF Foam Discharge Head Datasheet
CG-2015193 B-1 Foam-Water Sprinkler Datasheet
CG-2018194 Popular Sprinklers with AFFF Concentrates Datasheet
CG-2018195 Popular Sprinklers with AR-AFFF Concentrates Datasheet

Chemguard Proportioning Equipment

The broad line of CHEMGUARD state-of-the-art proportioning devices include, line proportioners (eductors), ratio-flow controllers, and the trade proportioner. Rugged, high-quality, and proven, these devices accurately and dependably proportion foam and water in a variety of applications.

Product Name Download Link
Foam System Line Proportioners Datasheet
In-Line Balanced Pressure Proportioners Models CIBP, CIBP-M Datasheet
Threaded Proportioners (2 in. and 2 1/2 in.) Datasheet
Between Flange Proportioners (3, 4, 6, and 8 in.) Datasheet
Flanged Proportioners (3, 4, 6, and 8 in.) Datasheet
ULTRA-WIDE CL Variable Range Proportioner Datasheet
ULTRA-WIDE PPW Variable Range Proportioners Datasheet
ZF Inductor Datasheet

Chemguard High-Expansion Foam Generators

CHEMGUARD high-powered, high-expansion foam generators deliver high- or medium-expansion foams. Water, electric, or diesel powered, CHEMGUARD high-expansion foam generators are primarily used for firefighting in aircraft hangars and other structures, in mines, on ships and vehicles, and on military installations. Our foam generators also are effective in controlling fuel spill fires and wildland fire timber breaks.

CHEMGUARD high-expansion foam generators are available in sizes from 1,000 to 26,400 cubic feet per minute. Smaller models are available for use as portable generators or in fixed installations.

Product Name Download Link
High Expansion Foam Generator Datasheet
Automatic Roof Door Vents Datasheet

Chemguard Foam Chambers

Designed to deliver foam directly onto the surface of flammable or combustible liquid and lessen submergence of the foam, CHEMGUARD foam chambers are installed on flammable liquid storage tanks just below the roof joint. Flow rates for these UL Listed, type 2 discharge devices (NFPA 11), can vary, depending on the application.

Foam solution is supplied to a chamber from outside the hazard area, either from a fixed foam-storage and proportioning system or from a dry-pipe semi-fixed system that receives foam solution from a mobile foam apparatus. Upon entering the chamber the foam solution is expanded and then discharged against a deflector mounted inside the storage tank. The deflector (split or solid) directs the foam against the inside wall of the storage tank, reducing the agitation of the fuel.

CHEMGUARD foam chambers are suitable for use with hydrocarbons or polar solvent fuels, as well as with all low-expansion foam concentrates, proteins, and synthetics.

Product Name Download Link
Foam Chambers Datasheet

Chemguard Foam Makers

Designed as air aspirating discharge devices, CHEMGUARD foam makers are used principally to help protect dikes, open floating-roof storage tanks, and rim seals, and where low-velocity foam streams are desired. Foam makers generally are installed in the line of a semi-fixed or fixed foam fire protection system, mounted either horizontally or vertically.

UL Listed, CHEMGUARD foam makers feature all-brass construction for use in harsh and corrosive environments. Foam maker air inlets are covered with stainless tell mesh, and the foam makers are supplied with standard NPT threaded inlets and outlets.

Product Name Download Link
High Back Pressure Foam Makers Datasheet
Rim Seal Foam Pourer Datasheet
Foam Maker Datasheet

Chemguard Foam Pumps

CHEMGUARD foam concentrate pumps boast corrosion resistant bass and stainless steel construction, and are designed for use with all types of firefighting foam concentrates.

The pumps are listed by Underwriters Laboratories as meeting the stringent requirements of UL 448C, the Standard for Stationary, Rotary-Type, Positive-Displacement Pumps for Fire Protection Service, and Factory Mutual Listed class 1313, and are furnished complete with pressure relief valves which also meet the requirements of these standards.

Product Name Download Link
511 Pump Relief Valve Datasheet
CGP240 P240 Series Foam Concentrate Pump Datasheet
CGP40 P40 Series Foam Concentrate Pump Datasheet
CGP80 P80 Series Foam Concentrate Pump Datasheet

Chemguard Pre-Assembled Firefighting Stations

CHEMGUARD fixed firefighting foam stations are used to help control fires or spills of flammable or combustible liquids. Commonly installed in process, handling, and storage areas, CHEMGUARD foam firefighting stations are available in a bladder-tank style and as self-contained units.

CHEMGUARD foam stations – which require only water pressure for operation – hold 60 gallons of any type of foam concentrate. The 95 gallons per minute proportioner is mounted so the valve can be manually closed. The foam firefighting stations include a hose reel containing 100 feet of 1½ inch hose and a handline nozzle.

Product Name Download Link
Hose Reel Foam Stations Datasheet
Continuous-Flow Hose Reel Units Datasheet
Water Powered Oscillating Monitor Station Datasheet
36 Gallon Foam Station Datasheet

Chemguard Foam Concentrate Storage Tanks

Standard Chemguard Atmospheric Foam Concentrate Storage Tanks are manufactured in Crosslinked polyethylene in vertical configuration. Chemguard also offers custom made tanks in stainless steel (304 or 316), carbon steel, and fiberglass. Vertical tanks are normally manufactured with flat bottoms and dome tops and horizontal tanks sit on saddles.

The fiberglass and polyethylene tanks do not have expansion domes due to the dome shape of the top of the tank. Inspection hatches are provided on both style tanks. Regardless of the material of construction, a pressure/vacuum vent must be installed. This is normally installed on the inspection hatch on the fiberglass or molded polyethylene tanks and on the cover of the expansion dome on the carbon or stainless steel tank.

Product Name Download Link
Atmospheric Polyethylene Concentrate Storage Tanks Datasheet

Chemguard Foam Systems Accessories


Product Name Download Link
Hydraulic Concentrate Control and Accessory Valves Datasheet
Hydraulically Operated Control Valves Datasheet
Pressure-Sustaining Valves Datasheet