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BalClor® BWMS

BalClor® BWMS treatment procedure includes three major parts: Filtration, Seawater Electro-chlorination for disinfection, and Neutralization.

Filtration: during ballasting, total volume of ballast water flow through a 50um filtration unit, marine organism and particles larger than 50um are filtrated and discharged back to local water

Seawater Electro-chlorination for disinfection: a small amount of filtrated sea water flows into electrolysis unit to generate high concentrated Sodium Hypochlorite solution, which will be injected back to main ballast pipe line after de-gas treatment. Sodium Hypochlorite solution will be mixed with the sea water form main ballast pipe line to a certain designed concentration, which is able to kill the marine organism including spores, lavas and pathogen within the water, in order to meet the disinfection standard (D-2 Standard and the others). The concentration of active agent in main pipe line is monitored and controlled through TRO unit and system main control unit.

Neutralization: during vessel de-ballasting, when the residual chlorine concentration is lower than IMO requirement, Neutralization Unit will not be operating; If the residual chlorine concentration is higher than the requirement, Neutralization Unit is automatically dosing Neutralization agent in water stream. The dosing concentration is monitored and controlled automatically through TRO Unit and System Control Unit.