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With the adaptation of the new Ballast Water Convention which will enter into force when 30 states representing 35% of the world’s gross tonnage becoming signatory. All ships including submersibles, floating craft/platforms, FSUs and FPSOs are to manage their ballast water in accordance with an approved Ballast Water Management Plan and record such management in a Ballast Water Record Book in accordance with the provisions of the Convention based on the following implementation schedule.

OceanGuard Ballast Water Management System was developed by Headway Technology Co. Ltd. together with Harbin Engineering University.

OceanGuard uses Advance Electrocatalysis Oxidation Process (AEOP) to eliminate microbes, bacteria, viruses and dormant ovum in water. Hydroxyl radical (·OH) produced in AEOP process is one of the most active substances with a very strong oxidizability. It can have different kinds of chemical reactions with almost all biological macromolecules, microorganisms and other organic pollutants instantaneously and it has an extremely fast reaction rate and strong negative charge electron affinities.

The end products of reaction are CO2, H2O and traces of inorganic salt without any hazardous residuals. Therefore, the treated water can be discharged out of board without any pollution.