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GREEN INSTRUMENTS is a global company that specializes in measurement and analysis technologies for both marine and land based industries. Green Instruments develop and manufacture monitoring and measuring equipment for emission control, water and gas analysis, hazard detection, and machinery protection.Green Instruments are the leading supplier of inert gas oxygen analyzers, smoke density monitors, oil mist detectors, and boiler protection systems for the marine industry. Green Instruments have more than ten years of experience in monitoring and analyzing exhaust gasses on ocean going vessels. Besides, Green Instruments are the pioneer in monitoring wash water after exhaust gas cleaning systems. Green Instruments develop high quality products and solutions that are wear-resistant and cost-effective without having too many expensive features.-

Smoke Emissions

The G16 Smoke Density Monitor is our newly developed Opacity Monitor. The Smoke Density Monitor uses green laser technology and can be configured up to 8 detectors per monitor. The G16 Smoke Density Monitor has received ABS Type Approval.

The G16 Smoke Density Monitor is an advanced smoke and dust monitoring system designed to the highest standard for use on a range of industrial applications. Using state of the art module design and solid green laser technology, the its double-pass measurement method provides an Opacity Monitor that is easy to install, rugged and reliable.

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The G1100 Opacity Monitor is designed to monitor acid mist in chemical processes. The G1100 Opacity Monitor is installed with the two PTFE-heads directly opposite each other. The standard length of the fiber optic cables is 4.5 m. It is possible to attach longer cables that are available in 6.0 m or 7.5 m. Click to see a system drawing of the G1100 Opacity Monitor.

Purge air is used to keep the soot in the funnel away from the lenses. The signal output is two configurable alarm relays and 4…20 mA.

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Oil Mist Detector

Oil mist is described as tiny droplets of oil in the air. They have a low ignition temperature and pose a large fire hazard. Oil mist are developed in case of oil leakages, and can be formed if a minor oil leakage occurs in pressurized oil lines or if an oil leakage results in evaporating oil hitting a very hot surface. Oil leakages often occur in engine rooms, pump rooms, and other rooms with hydraulic installations or oil systems under pressure.

In order to avoid fire it is necessary to prevent the formation of oil mist. If you install an oil mist detector, it will detect the formation of oil mist before it reaches a dangerous level. The G26 Ambient Oil Mist Detector is an acclaimed double-pass opacity monitor. The system uses the latest green laser technology, and can be configured up to 8 detectors per monitor.

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Oxygen Analyzers

G36 Oxygen Analyzer. The G36 Oxygen Analyzer is suitable for modular system integration with an extra robust enclosure of IP67. The G36 Oxygen Analyzer has received certification under the European Marine Equipment Directive's new heading A1/3.54 for fixed oxygen analyzers and product type approvals from both Lloyds Register and DNV. The working ambient temperature ranges from -15oC to +55oC.

G36p Oxygen Analyzer. The G36p is Green Instruments' first panel mounted analyzer. When the analyzer is panel mounted the enclosure is IP55 and the working ambient temperature is extended to 70oC.

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G360x Inert Gas Oxygen Analyzing System. The G360x Inert Gas Analyzing System provides the right platform for standalone operation, but you can also use the output of the analyzer as active input for other systems. Both the monitoring range and the signal output range are fully scalable according to your needs and the external requirements.

The sampling board of the Inert Gas Oxygen Analyzing System can also be combined with the new G36p panel mounted oxygen analyzer. This combination will provide you with ever more benefits with the decisive improvements of the new oxygen analyzer type.

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G361x Oxygen Analyzing System for Nitrogen Generators. Green Instruments' oxygen analyzer for nitrogen generators, the G361x Oxygen Analyzing System, is designed to measure the oxygen concentration in nitrogen. The measurement range of the system is 0.0 to 21.0% with an accuracy of +/- 0.5%.

The G361x Analyzing Systems can be delivered with either the G36a or the G36p Oxygen Analyzer. The G36a Oxygen Analyzer is a stand alone box which is suitable for engine room installations whereas the G36p Oxygen analyzer is designed for panel mounting.

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G362x Stack Gas Oxygen Analyzing System. The G3620 Stack Gas Oxygen Analyzing System offers a decisive tool for optimizing boiler efficiency and reducing the oxygen content of exhaust gas. The system is installed in the stack close to the boiler and measures under actual flue conditions. The sample is analyzed in situ without being passed through vulnerable sampling lines.

The fuel-air ratio in the burner is crucial to optimizing the combustion and boiler efficiency. With the G362x you can typically optimize combustion and save 3-5% fuel – in some cases even more.

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G3631 Ambient Oxygen Analyzer. The ambient oxygen analyzer measures the content of oxygen with concentrations up to 21.0 %. The system is designed to measure the content of oxygen in the atmosphere in inert gas rooms such as engine room compartments, rooms for inert gas system or accommodation area, or in simulated altitude training rooms.

The system uses a zirconia sensor. Zirconium dioxide sensors have long been established as industry standards, but the G3631 uses a new type of zirconia sensor, which can be used in a wide range of applications.

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NOx Emissions

G41xx NOx/O2 Analyzing System. Green Instruments' NOx analyzer - the G41xx NOx/O2 Analyzing System - is a direct in situ gas analyzer that monitors NOx and O2 concentrations in emission gas. The NOx analyzer provides a cost-effective solution to help fulfill tightening emission regulations as well as supporting the most effective operation for all types of combustion processes. It is designed to meet the challenging requirements for monitoring the inlet and outlets of selective catalytic reduction systems (SCR) on all types of combustion sources.

The G41xx NOx analyzer uses a zirconium oxide (ZrO2) sensor with multiple diffusion cells. The sensor is small and robust and can be installed directly on the stack without special protection. The technology of the GI NOx analyzer allows real-time measurement of NOX and O2 on wet basis at high temperatures. This avoids sampling lines and multiplexing systems, coolers and converters with all their disadvantages.

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G49xx Recording and Visualization System. G4900 Recording and Visualization System gives you data logging and recording capacity for all G41xx NOx analyzers as well as a simple visualization via a medium-sized touch screen. Furthermore, the G4900 converts the NOX emissions from ppm to g/kWh as requires by MARPOL Annex VI and subsequent regulations. The calculations are based on predefined values unless specific data is provided.

You can also choose an extended module with a larger panel PC, which opens for a wide range or customized visualizations and reports e.g. reports concerning specific NOX reduction targets. For inquiries please contact our sales departement.

Boiler Protection

G5100 Exhaust Gas Economizer Monitor. The G5100 Exhaust Gas Economizer Monitor provides a comprehensive tool for maintaining the efficiency of exhaust gas economizers. The system dynamically controls the crucial parameters in relation to engine load and provides a very accurate diagnosis of the EGE monitor’s efficiency and problems under build-up. The G5100 monitors the water circulation of the boiler water and measures the temperatures and pressure drop of the economizer.

The G5100 offers a decisive tool to keep your exhaust gas boiler clean. The system continuously measures inlet and outlet temperatures as well as pressure drop in relation to the engine load. This allows for a dynamic monitoring of the boiler’s function and gives an accurate and current picture of the soot clogging level and the scale build up.

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G5500 Oil Fired Boiler Monitor. The G5500 Oil Fired Boiler Monitor is developed on the basis of micro controller technology and our patented stress monitoring concept. Thermal stress in oil fired boilers can be caused by oil contamination, built up scale, boiler and feed water control failure, poor combustion or burner adjustment, etc.

The G5500 OFBM provides a direct working method to monitor and protect boilers against damaging impact. By monitoring the thermal conditions, the G5500 OFBM is a true aid for making your boiler plant more reliable and thereby eliminating boiler failure.

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Water Monitoring

G6100 Water Monitoring System. The G6100 Wash Water Monitoring System provides reliable and highly accurate measurements for your exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS). Its design ensures fast response time within a broad system pressure range.

The G6100 Water Monitoring System is fully compliant with resolution MEPC. 259(68). The G6100 is currently the only complete system in the world which has achieved a marine type approval by DNV/GL, RINA, Lloyd´s Register, Bureau Veritas, Korean Register of Shipping, Nippon Kaiji Kyokai and ABS product design assessment certificate for monitoring of all media (PAH, turbidity, and pH/temperature) required in MEPC. 259(68).

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Multi Gas Monitor

G7000 Multi Gas Monitoring. The G7000 can monitor the SO2 and CO2 concentrations in exhaust gas. It provides you with an accurate measurement of SO2 in ppm, CO2 in percent, as well as presents the SO2/CO2 ratio. The gas analyzer is based on a non-dispersive infrared measurement technology, which has been well proven in many industrial applications.

G7000 is a cost effective CEMS (continuous emission monitoring system). The modular design of the system makes it possible to monitor different gasses according to customer specification. The G7000 is fully compliant with IMO regulations - MEPC. 259(68). The G7000 together with Green Instruments’ G6100 Water Monitoring System is a complete monitoring system according to MEPC. 259(68).

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