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NK-03 Blue BWTS

General Information

NK BWTS have been being developed under Korean R&D Program with versatile types of systems to optimize the Systems for the most effective, reliable and economic solutions to meet IMO Guidance and legislative Requirements. The NK BWTS consist of three types of system, i.e. Ozone Disinfection Systems, Electrolysis with filter, Ultra Violet with filter. Offers the effective and Reliable solution to the problem with invasive marine species.

The NK-O3 BlueBallast system is masterpiece for ballast water treatment. This cost-effective and compact ballast water treatment system is designed to fit easily into the engine room of any ship type and size.

Features & Applications of NK-03 Blue BWTS

Flexible construction through modular system
Integrated into existing ballast systems
Easy maintenance and low operating cost
Compact design and minimum space
None or low-pressure losses
No use of chemicals
Effective control and monitoring system
Effective control and monitoring system

Key Specifications/ Special Features

The conversion of oxygen into ozone occurs with the use of ambient air and energy.

This process is carried out by an electric discharge field as in the corona discharge type ozone generators.

Ozone is characterized by the following properties.

Ozone is a powerful oxidation agent – Easily soluble in water- Colorless gas, with distinctive odor.

Short half-life; after which O3 reverts to O2.

The ozone molecule decomposes to form free radicals (OR) which react quickly to oxidize organic and inorganic compounds.

The reaction creates HOBr and OBr-. These oxidants are the killing mechanism.

Ozone is not sensitive to solids content in the water; therefore, no “pretreatment” required and prevents re-growth.

Ozone system is composed of two integrated module, which consist of ozone producing part and injection part. So utility installation space in the vessel is very flexible. NK is ready to provide the global shipping industry with a fully approved, highly effective and extremely practical ballast water treatment system; supported by NK’s extensive maritime experience and global sales and service network.

Process of NK-03 Blue BWTS

In the NK-O3 Blue Ballast system a ship-board Ozone generator takes ambient air and strips away the nitrogen, concentrating the oxygen content – which is then passed through a high voltage or high frequency electrical field to produce ozone. The ozone is then injected into the incoming ballast water to oxidize and neutralize any harmful aquatic species. A percentage of the aquatic species, especially any bacteria and viruses in the ballast water, are killed by direct contact with the ozone. The remainder are killed or neutralized when the ozone reacts with other chemicals that occur naturally in seawater, to form hypobromous acid, a highly effective disinfectant.

Watch the video below for more detail!.

Product Specifications

Model Number NK-03 015 30 50 75 100 150 200 250 300 400
Ballast Pump Capacity m2/h 300 600 1000 1500 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 8000
Total Ballast Capacity m2/h 150 300 500 750 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 4000
Total Footprint m2 14.5 14.5 14.5 23.0 23.0 29.4 29.4 29.4 29.4 49.5
Total Weight kg 6,567 7,416 8,299 11,918 13,663 17,812 20,067 23,710 24,687 27,943
Total Power Comsumption kW 35.5 61.7 98.1 135.5 199.3 263.3 360.4 423.0 488.9 709.9
Total Cooling Water m2/h 7.2 11.6 15.1 20.1 29.4 36.6 50.3 56.1 64.9 74.4