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Products of TrojanUV

TrojanUV designs and manufactures pressurized and open-channel UV disinfection systems for municipal wastewater and drinking water, as well as UV-oxidation systems for environmental contaminant treatment and potable and non-portable reuse applications. TrojanUV have the largest municipal UV installation base in the world and are proud to play an important role in continually advancing UV disinfection technology.-


TrojanUV3000PTP - Robust, Dependable UV for Small Wastewater Systems. A cost-effective, off-the-shelf solution for UV disinfection at small wastewater plants. It's simple to install and operate, and provides a hassle-free, dependable UV solution.

The TrojanUV3000™PTP (Packaged Treatment Plant), is ideally suited to treat flows up to 2.8 MGD (442 m3/hr). The TrojanUV3000PTP can be equipped with pre-fabricated stainless steel channels and transition boxes for in-line integration with existing flanged piping – thus minimizing engineering and installation costs.

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TrojanUV3000B - Simple, Reliable & Operator-Friendly UV Systems. Designed for small wastewater treatment plants that require a simple in-channel disinfection solution without chemicals.

The TrojanUV3000™B is straightforward to use and requires minimal operator involvement, thanks to modular design and robust components. The system uses environmentally friendly ultraviolet (UV) light. No disinfection by-products are created and no chlorine compounds are transported, stored or handled by plant staff.

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TrojanUV3000Plus - UV for Medium and Large Plants. Designed for medium to large wastewater treatment plants and features the patented ActiClean Cleaning System, an automatic chemical/mechanical wiping system.

The TrojanUV3000Plus™ is one of the reasons why UV treatment is now a standard technology in wastewater treatment. This highly flexible system has demonstrated its effective, reliable performance around the world. The system is well-suited to wastewater disinfection with varying flow rates and influents, such as combined sewer overflows, primary and tertiary wastewater reclamation and reuse.

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TrojanUV4000Plus. The TrojanUV4000Plus™ is the first commercially-successful, medium-pressure UV lamp system that’s specifically designed for handling high volume and lower quality wastewater.

Incorporating ActiClean™ - Automatic Chemical/Mechanical cleaning technology, the TrojanUV4000Plus™ is the ultimate solution for a virtually maintenance-free system. With over 375 installations – including some of the largest wastewater treatment plants in the world – the TrojanUV4000Plus™ is allowing engineers and operators to incorporate chemical-free, UV disinfection for large flows of 10 MGD (1,578 m3/hr) and greater in a minimal amount of space – with a fraction of the number of lamps required by low-pressure systems.

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TrojanUVFit. Depending on site and design conditions, wastewater treatment plants producing filtered effluent sometimes prefer a disinfection solution using closed-vessel or pressurized UV reactors.

The TrojanUVFit™ offers an effective and energy-efficient closed-vessel UV solution. This compact reactor is available in multiple configurations to treat a wide range of flow rates. The streamlined hydraulic profile of closed-vessel systems disinfect filtered effluent without breaking head in the treatment process. These benefits along with UV’s ability to provide environmentally-friendly, chemical-free treatment for chlorine resistant microorganisms (such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia) make the TrojanUVFit closed-vessel solution an attractive option for wastewater disinfection.

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TrojanUVSigna. Chlorine is not the only viable disinfection option. With the TrojanUVSigna™, you can confidently choose UV and benefit from its inherent safety features, cost-saving advantages and disinfection performance.

The TrojanUVSigna™ incorporates innovations, including TrojanUV Solo Lamp™ Technology, to reduce the total cost of ownership and drastically simplify operation and maintenance. It's the ideal solution for treatment plants in need of revolutionary UV technology. Note that TrojanUVSigna banks are available in two-row, four-row and six-row lamp configurations.

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Utilizing revolutionary Solo Lamp™ Technology, the TrojanUVFlex™ provides municipalities with the most energy-efficient delivery of high UV doses in an extremely compact footprint.

The TrojanUVFlex™ is ideally suited for water reuse (potable and non-potable) and drinking water treatment (including destruction of chemicals such as 1,4-dioxane and disinfection of up to 6-log adenovirus). Offering the latest advancements in system controls to optimize performance, operating costs and regulatory reporting, the TrojanUVFlex™ performs both UV disinfection and UV-oxidation.

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The TrojanUVSwift™SC is a validated, compact UV system that offers communities an economical solution for drinking water disinfection.

Designed to meet the needs of large and small communities, the TrojanUVSwift™SC offers communities an economical solution for drinking water disinfection. The system is designed to treat flow rates of 20 gallons per minute (GPM) to 16 million gallons per day (MGD) / 4.5 to 2,525 m3/hr.

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An ideal solution for system upgrades and replacement of inefficient, aging UV systems and alternative disinfection equipment. TrojanUVTelos is the latest evolution of UV for small communities and was created to address the needs of the energy- and maintenance-conscious buyer.

This advanced system utilizes TrojanUV Solo Lamp™ Technology and TrojanUV Flow Integration (FIN) hydraulic optimization technology, which leads to low power consumption, uniform UV dose delivery and a low lamp count. The color touchscreen HMI and remote monitoring provide state-of-the art monitoring and control capabilities.

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The TrojanUVSwift™ offers proven performance against waterborne pathogens including viruses, bacteria and protozoa. Our advanced systems meet disinfection targets with unsurpassed reliability with no known disinfection by-products.

The TrojanUVSwift is also upgradeable to models designed to treat the compounds responsible for seasonal taste and odor events (e.g. MIB and geosmin) and other chemical contaminants. Known as the TrojanUVSwift™ECT (Environmental Contaminant Treatment), this UV system uses specialized controls in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to cost effectively perform UV-oxidation.

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Reducing maintenance requirements and costs while incorporating the most efficient technologies available, the TrojanUVTorrent™ leads the way for large-scale drinking water disinfection.

The TrojanUV Solo Lamp™ stands alone in offering the advantages of both existing medium-pressure and low-pressure high output lamp technologies. Incorporated into the TrojanUVTorrent™, the advantages become clear – lower life cycle costs, easy maintenance and reduced environmental impact.

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TrojanUVFlex. Utilizing revolutionary Solo Lamp™ Technology, the TrojanUVFlex™ provides municipalities with the most energy-efficient delivery of high UV doses in an extremely compact footprint.

The TrojanUVFlex™ is ideally suited for water reuse (potable and non-potable) and drinking water treatment (including destruction of chemicals such as 1,4-dioxane and disinfection of up to 6-log adenovirus). Powerful, yet highly energy-efficient 1000-Watt Solo Lamps lead to a low lamp count which, in turn, provides other benefits such as fewer associated components (e.g. lamp drivers and sleeves), reduced maintenance, highest reliability and an extremely compact footprint (40-50% that of other high-efficiency UV-oxidation systems).

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TrojanUVSwiftECT, Model: L24 / L30.

The TrojanUVSwift™ECT is a hydraulically optimized, polychromatic lamp-based UV chamber for use in the treatment of environmental contaminants. It is suitable for removing contaminants from large flow rates within a compact footprint.

The TrojanUVSwift™ECT employs sophisticated controls to optimize the treatment of environmental contaminants. The broad light spectrum of light emitted in the TrojanUVSwift™ECT makes it extremely well suited for the treatment of many contaminants, particularly some pesticides and taste and odor-causing compounds found in surface waters.

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Single Chamber Model: 12AL30 / 18AL50 / 30AL50 / 72AL75

Dual Chamber Model: D72AL75.

The TrojanUVPhox™ (UV-photolysis and UV-oxidation) solution is a groundbreaking, pressurized ultraviolet (UV) light chamber that utilizes Trojan’s high-output, monochromatic amalgam UV lamps.

The TrojanUVPhox™ was designed to maximize efficiency - using 50%-90% less energy than other similarly sized UV chambers. Through the extensive use of computational fluid dynamics models and other computer simulation tools, it has been optically and hydraulically optimized to provide extremely efficient and cost-effective UV treatment. Its unique design allows for the use of multiple reactors in series. This gives the TrojanUVPhox™ an extremely compact footprint, making efficient use of space in a water treatment facility.

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TrojanUVTorrentECT, Model: 96SL48.

The TrojanUVTorrent™ECT, equipped with revolutionary TrojanUV Solo Lamp™ Technology, is a low-pressure, high-efficiency system with high UV output. It's ideal for year-round treatment of chemical contaminants at high flows.

A range of contaminants can be treated such as taste and odor-causing compounds, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and endocrine disrupting compounds. At the same time, the system will disinfect bacteria, viruses and protozoa including the chlorine-resistant pathogens Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

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