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NK Korea

NK Korea

Since established back in 1980, NK started out by manufacturing parts for a ship and cladding materials but today, NK have grown enough to design high-pressure gas container products. Such dramatic growth also contributed to creating shipbuilding materials with Korea's own technical knowhow. Afterwards, NK relentlessly blazed new trails in the developments of fire extinguishing equipment as we developed a ballast water-treatment and offshore plant system. But, NK would not stop there. Instead, NK are committed to take on challenges and continue to innovate technologies in order to remain trustworthy to all customers.-

NK Korea Products

NK Inert Gas (IG-541)

The IG541 is developed as an alternative to halon or carbonic acid gas in order to protect safety of people and environment. It makes up with 52% nitrogen, 40% argon and 8% carbonic acid gas. 15% oxygen is, at least, needed to maintain combustion. The Inert Gas system eliminates what might reduce the oxygen ratio which is expected to add non-activated gas by 12.5%. Also, the system is designed to protect people who might be threatened by the effect of reduced oxygen in a blazing location.-

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Each assembly may be provided with a range of fills to suit the design requirements. After filling, the containers are superpressursed with dry nitrogen to 25 bar +5% (at a temperature of 20 deg.C). The maximum filling density for Novec 1230 is 1.2 kg/litre and the minumum is 0.5 kg/litre.-

NK CO2 System - High Pressure

NK High Pressure CO2 system is a highly adaptive, cost-beneficial extinguishing system designed with reliable expertise. The HP CO2 system includes a large number of pressure cylinders charged with CO2 gas as the extinguishing agent.-

NK CO2 System - Low Pressure

NK Low Pressure Tank is built as a steel pressure vessel in compliance with the classification society and K.F.I (Korea Fire Institute) requirement. Low Pressure tank is fully insulated with 150mm heavy inflammable polyurethane, and is covered with additional galvanized steel plate to prevent atmospheric exposure-

NK Water Mist

NK's water mist system functions to evaporate with the heat-absorbing mechanism by falling water droplets to upper parts of the early-on flame. The size of the droplets is defined into NFPA 750 Class 1. Such size means very tiny amount of water, indicating that the system can run very effectively with much less water needed. Keys are the cooling mechanism and sectional oxygen-displacement effect.-

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NK Dry Powder

The dry powder extinguishing system is designed to put out the fire inside cargo of a LPG ship by using the manifold. The system consists of dry powder storage, cylinder for nitrogen injection, valves, monitor for powder-release and handle hose box. The nitrogen injection moves to a tank through a pipe connected to the top and bottom as the pressure keeps going up to 14.7 bar. The selective valve is released at 14.7 bar through a monitor or handle hose line. The pressure of the tank remains at 14.7 bar to continue to supply the dry powder through the monitor or handle hose line. A local or remote nitrogen pilot cylinder is used to activate the system as controlled on the release control panel. The dry powder does not need to be replaced with new one on regular basis but, the agitation should be replaced every 3 years.-

NK Hi-ex Foam

The foam proportioner is designed to mass up bubbles to the firewater at an estimated speed. An adjustable nozzle can be used to set the form insertion in the range of 1% to 3%. 100A and 150A water connections and three models in water type are installed between connections of a pipe.-

NK Life Saving

NK is dedicated to providing quality-approved lifesaving equipment for commercial shipping and for people working on, above or near the water. Each unit of our lifesaving equipment and devices has been thoroughly tested and approved, according to strictest requirements of the current law.-